Convertible Tops

Convertible Top Replacement: We provide services for convertible top replacements that not only guarantee durability and longevity but are also crafted from materials known for easy maintenance and resistance to tearing. Our manufacturer offers a variety of high-quality fabrics designed to preserve their appearance over time, ensuring that your vehicle’s convertible remains pristine and functional for years. We take pride in utilizing all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tools and resources to flawlessly install your top, retaining all its functionalities. Factory OE tops are available, subject to supply.

Malfunctioning Convertible Top: Experiencing a top malfunction can be a stressful ordeal, potentially leaving you strained, wet, or both. We provide comprehensive services for both soft and hard top convertibles, addressing issues ranging from complex hydraulics and electrical systems to rain rail cleaning and lubrication – all performed and repaired according to manufacturers’ specifications. Our expertise in handling soft materials and intricate mechanical components ensures that you avoid unnecessary repairs, and we are more than willing to provide a second opinion if needed.