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Complete Interior Restoration: Revitalize your car’s interior with a full restoration service. Our comprehensive approach covers everything from seats to door panels, vinyl tops, carpets, steering wheels, and headliners. We specialize in a variety of materials including cloth, vinyl, leather, wool, and animal hides.

Partial Interior Repairs: If you’re looking for specific minor repairs, we’ve got you covered. We collaborate with you to focus on the areas that need attention, like fixing seats, side panels, and headliners, ensuring a targeted and efficient service.

Design Consultation Services: Our team provides a free, no-commitment design consultation to evaluate your vehicle, identify problem areas, and address unique concerns. For clients in the Boise region, we can arrange an in-person meeting. Those located outside the Treasure Valley can share photos of the items needing repair, enabling us to assist remotely.


Custom Upholstery Services: Renew your aircraft’s interior with our full reupholstery service. Our comprehensive approach encompasses replacing all seat covers with durable, aviation upholstery that meets rigorous safety standards. We specialize in a variety of materials, and custom stitching to guarantee your aircraft not only looks impeccable but also meets the unique demands of the aviation environment.

Upholstery Repair Services: If you require specific minor repairs for your aircraft, our team is ready to assist. We collaborate with you to focus on essential areas needing attention, ensuring that your requirements are thoroughly addressed and your aircraft remains flight-ready.


Custom Upholstery Services: For a ride that demands a fresh, comfortable, and stylish seat, our custom upholstery service is here to craft the perfect throne for you. Whether you’re seeking a classic, modern, or uniquely personalized design, we ensure your new seat not only looks great but also provides the utmost comfort and durability. Let us transform your bike’s-seating with our expert craftsmanship.


Get the best auto interior services at Boise Auto Tops & Upholstery! We also specialize in general interior work, such as interior electrical, installing or repairing seat heaters and cooling systems. If you have a particular need not listed, just ask and we may be able to help you!


Custom Upholstery Services: Renew your boat’s interior with our full reupholstery service. Our comprehensive approach includes replacing all the seat covers with durable weather-resistant marine upholstery, and including custom stitching and piping. We specialize in a wide range of materials, ensuring your boat not only looks stunning but also withstands the marine environment.

Upholstery Repair Services: If you need targeted minor repairs, we’re here to help. Working closely with you, we’ll concentrate on the areas that require attention, to ensure your needs are fully met, and that your seats are seaworthy.


Convertible Top Replacement: We provide services for convertible top replacements that not only guarantee durability and longevity but are also crafted from materials known for easy maintenance and resistance to tearing. Our manufacturer offers a variety of high-quality fabrics designed to preserve their appearance over time, ensuring that your vehicle’s convertible remains pristine and functional for years. We take pride in utilizing all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tools and resources to flawlessly install your top, retaining all its functionalities. Factory OE tops are available, subject to supply.

Malfunctioning Convertible Top: Experiencing a top malfunction can be a stressful ordeal, potentially leaving you strained, wet, or both. We provide comprehensive services for both soft and hard top convertibles, addressing issues ranging from complex hydraulics and electrical systems to rain rail cleaning and lubrication – all performed and repaired according to manufacturers’ specifications. Our expertise in handling soft materials and intricate mechanical components ensures that you avoid unnecessary repairs, and we are more than willing to provide a second opinion if needed.

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